Industry: Beauty & Skincare

Use Case: Leverage Customers’ Influence (Word of Mouth)

Integrations: Shopify, Klaviyo

Influencerbit Generated 1000+ mentions in under a month from their Loyal Customers
Influencerbit Generated 1000+ mentions in under a month from their Loyal Customers (The OG Influencers)

Earth Rhythm is a D2C brand that believes in high quality & effective skincare that targets every common skin concern. Founded in 2019, after being culminated in a home garage with a mission to build skincare products that were safe, non-toxic yet clinically effective; they’ve experienced exponential growth in these past few years.

People love their products and with this growth surge, social postings flowed organically. Instagram was no longer a support channel but a platform where their customers shared their love & excitement for their products. They needed a way to harness all this new authentic influence. This is where InfluencerBit helped them to accomplish a fully automated strategy to utilize their customer’s social influence.

In just 25 days of implementing InfluencerBit, they got

  • 5000+ “customers” added to their Influencers program

    (With every month adding 5000+ more customers thus building a strong knit community)

  • 1000+ Organic Mentions from their customers

  • 500+ Instagram usernames made into coupon codes

  • 400+ tracked orders from these Discount Codes

  • 48% of these 400 orders were first-time customers

  • 1M+ Organic Impressions on Instagram

  • More than 10X ROI on InfluencerBit


EarthRhythm gave their customers the best product, the best service and their customers loved them. They needed a way to harness this customers’ influence that was slipping through the cracks.

They were looking for an automated flow to get their existing customers to bring in more customers by sharing this love with their social friends!


Almost every customer of every brand is on Instagram. If nudged in the right direction at the right time, they’ll be more than happy to share the products and services they loved with their social circle.

92% millennials trust “people they know” as compared to any form of advertisement. Don’t you trust your friend’s recommendation (with 400-500 followers) over any celebrity endorsement / Ad, right?

This is where InfluencerBit enters and automates all the processes — from tracking & maintaining this army to incentivizing them to sending rewards on successful mentions to tracking impressions, UGC, sales & ROI!

1. Make your everyday customer join your Influencer Program!

Once the customer has purchased the order they see the order confirmation screen. InfluencerBit embeds a widget there asking them if they want to join the Brand’s influencer program.

Asking Customers for Instagram Username at Order Checkout
Asking customers for their Instagram username once the order is placed!

8.5% of the customers give their Instagram usernames at this checkout screen.

If you do 1000 Orders daily, expect an army of 2500 loyal customers every month! (10,000+ in just 4 month)

2. Asking “Existing Customers” to join their Influencer Program

Mail Sent to All Existing Customers Simple Landing Page to get their IG, Email & Contact
email_screenshot landing_page_screenshot

Mail Being sent to all Paid Users and a simple landing page!

EarthRhythm sent a mail to their existing customers. Got 35% Open rate, 1.5% Click Rate

In just 2 days, 1200+ people gave their Instagram username and were onboarded to the influencer program

3. What happens when any user submits their Instagram username?

  1. Every submission is enriched with Instagram stats like their Follower-following-post counts and they’re tracked by our system whenever they mention the brand.

  2. We create their Instagram username into a discount code on the website if they have more than 150+ followers.

  3. This code becomes active only when the user mentions the brand in a story / post(@theearthrhythm in this case)! We track all these users if they mentioned or tagged the brand on Instagram.

What customers really want is acknowledgment. They want to be seen & acknowledged by the brands they love. All these customers went crazy when they realized that the brand has created “their instagram username” as coupon code on their website. They loved that the brand took out time, checked their profile and made their instagram username into a coupon code! (Hint: It was us automating this all along 😉!)

We sync all this data to your mailing tool (Klaviyo in this case) and create a drip flow communicating these customers. Flows send reminders/nudges too if they haven't mentioned the brand!
Every mention is detected, their instagram username is made active coupon and a "Thank You" mail is sent to the user appreciating their content and telling that their code is active for next 15 days.

Statistics, Sales & ROI for last 25 days (Testing time!)

  • Influencers from Order Checkout Page: 2400

  • Influencers from Existing Customers: 1200

  • Qualified (More than 150 followers): 91%

  • Total Mentions Received: 960

  • Organic Impressions (Story+Post+Reels): 1M+

  • Instagram Usernames made Coupon Codes: 535

  • Total Orders from these Coupon Codes: 401

  • ROI (only from tracked sales): 10X

  • Influencers who purchased the order from their own code: 17%

  • New Customers (Placing order for First Time seeing the story of their friend): 48%

What type of Influencers (Customers) worked best?

Influencer Type vs Sales
Top 30 Sales bringing Customers VS their follower counts

This validates the hypothesis of Nano-Micro Influencers having the ACTUAL INFLUENTIAL powers when it comes to sales.

And Yes, they are really happy with us!

5 Star Review on Shopify
5-Star Review on Shopify App Store!

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