Why Influencerbit?


Influencers are supposed to be "real people" who stood for something they really believe in.

Paying random Influencers
to post is
NOT influencer marketing

We are sad at the current state of Influencer marketing. Agencies coming up and selling influencers' packages. These people who are promoting have no idea about the brand / product and are doing it just for the money and promoting anything!

Any post I see by a big celebrity endorsing a brand is an advertisement. They are getting money to promote this. Remember #FYRE festival?

Yes, the Nano Influencers!

If my friend with ~500 followers is posting about this crank top, I would be more than happy to ask her about it and check it out!

But you need an army of them!

That is the problem which we are solving at influencerbit

Automate "Customer Centric" Influencer Marketing at Scale

Our tool does all! Right from Capturing people who love your brand, Enticing them to post, tracking statistics and sending rewards!

We are in influencer space since past 3 years. Having built multiple automation tools in the past for influencers and having talked with multiple brands, we realised a big gap and massive need for automation in this space.

We are all in for this and are bootstrapping. We are a lean team and believe in power of feedback. Let us know if you need any feature or integration or if anything is not working. We are active on support all the time and would love to hear everything ~ The good, bad, ugly, everything!


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